Control Messe, Stuttgart Germany, 03-06.05.2022

by | May 9, 2022 | Trade show | 0 comments

For Endo-Tech companies, participation in the German Control fair was particularly important. Together with our partner, the Trojan company, we work intensively to deliver to our customers in Poland and not only, materials and devices for metallographic testing of the highest quality.

During the fair, we had the pleasure to present:

  1. CT 250 cutter
  2. Table CUT200 automatic cutter
  3. Flexpress 600 hot mounting press
  4. Cold mounting press Theta Mount Cold
  5. Grinder polisher Alpha 100
  6. Grinder polisher Alpha 200
  7. Grinder polisher Alpha 202
  8. Grinder automatic polisher Alpha 600
  9. Consumables

We have all the above-mentioned models in stock.

We thank all our customers for coming. We look forward to fruitful cooperation.