ALPHA 202 grinder/polisher

● Rinse and clean with one button
● The process is fully enclosed in a bowl
● The faucet can work in automatic mode
● Large diameter drain hose
● Coiled water hose

The Alpha 202 polisher is a product from the ALPHA series, which focuses on the comfort and convenience of the user. It has two separate control panels as well as two independent discs. Each plate has a separate tap. These taps can work in automatic mode or be controlled by the person using the sander polisher Alpha 202. An additional advantage of the Alpha 202 is a coiled, handy water hose, allowing for easy rinsing. In the case of the Alpha 202 polisher, the entire cleaning process has been reduced and simplified as much as possible – it is activated at the touch of a button. The large diameter of the drain hose allows for quick and easy emptying. In the case of the Alpha 202 polisher, the user does not have to worry about the cleanliness of the device.

The Alpha 202 polisher grinder enables coarse and fine grinding as well as polishing of various types of samples – both metallographic and petrographic. The activities performed are fully reduced to the selected bowl.

Number of plates

Double with a common panel


203-254 mm

Turning direction

In line with / against the movements of the clock

Rotation speed

50-1000 rpm

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