Plate adapters

  • Three diameters: 200, 250, 300 mm
  • Various mounting methods
  • For sandpaper
  • For polishing dresses
  • For diamond blades
  • Easy to replace

System of adapters for sandpaper, diamond discs and polishing cloths to facilitate assembly and their removal depending on the method of their assembly. The discs come in three sizes, 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm in diameter.

AD-PSA plate

The AD-PSA system allows easy removal of sanding sheets and polishing cloths with glue without leaving any residue.

Part No. Description Packaging

04.08.410 200 mm 1 pc.

04.08.413 250 mm 1 pc.

04.08.420 300 mm 1 pc.



AD-Foil plate

The AD-Foil system is designed for SiC sanding sheets or PET-based diamond discs. If the AD-Foil transfer plate is dirty, simply wash it with water.

04.08.422 200 mm 1 pc.

04.08.430 250 mm 1 pc.

04.08.432 300 mm 1 pc.

Plate AD-PB

The AD-PB system is designed for plain SiC papers or diamond discs. There is a reusable stick layer on the surface of AD-PB, the PB disc can be stick to the surface, easy to take off, if the surface is dirty, just wash with water.


04.08.310 200 mm 1 pc.

04.08.320 250 mm 1 pc.

04.08.330 300 mm 1 pc.



Nickel plated Equivalents: Struers: Diamond Pads Buehler: DGD Mosaic


In a resin matrix Equivalents: Struers: MD Piano Buehler: Apex ™ DGD ATM: Galaxy

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