CT 250 manual cutter

● Large observation window
● Efficient cooling system
● Independent coolant tank
● Controlled cutting speed
● Dual T-slot

The CT-250 manual cutter is a stationary metallographic cutter designed for a variety of applications. It can be successfully used to cut various samples – both metallic and non-metallic materials for metallography and petrography. The CT-250 cutter is convenient and easy to use. The large observation window has a built-in lighting system, which allows you to accurately see each cut, and the ability to control the speed gives the user full supervision over the entire cutting process. Independent from the cutter, the coolant tank and filters that collect swarf make the cooling system extremely efficient. Thanks to this, the CT-250 cutter does not burn samples.

The CT-250 manual cutter is distinguished by a very durable and reliable construction. The stainless workbench is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. The possibility of making various connections is ensured by a double T-slot. The quiet operation of the machine goes hand in hand with high power – 2.2 kW.

Max blade diameter

250 mm

Blade diameter min

180 mm

Max cutting depth

76 mm



Worktable dimension

210 × 230 mm


115 kg

Recirculating coolant

60 liters

Rotation speed

2895/3475 rpm

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