ALPHA 100 grinder/polisher

● Rotation speed of the dial on the digital display ;
● Digital panel with push buttons
● Adjustable sample grinding time ;
● Quick change of grinding and polishing discs;
● Holder for 6 samples;
● Automatic coolant dosing system
● 6 samples can be processed at the same time ;

The Alpha 100 polisher is the highest quality device from the ALPHA series, which was designed for coarse and fine grinding, as well as for polishing various samples. The tap built into the sander polisher Alpha 100 can be directly operated by the user or work independently in fully automatic mode. The Alpha 300 polisher is extremely comfortable and, above all, easy to use. The entire use process is fully enclosed in the bowl, and the rinsing and cleaning of the Alpha 100 is done with just one button.

The retractable water hose is added to the Alpha 100 sander for even easier cleaning. The drain hose has a very large diameter, which makes it extremely easy to empty.

Our team of qualified specialists will be happy to help and advise you in choosing the right grinder polisher, ensuring that it is fully adapted to the work and individual needs.

Number of plates


Rotation speed

50-1000 rpm


203-254 mm

Turning direction

Clockwise / counterclockwise

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