Cold mounting press Theta Mount Cold

● Operation in the pneumatic system, without external power supply
● Water separator and quick couplings
● Lid with quick locking and release system
● High efficiency and construction safety
● Spacious mounting chamber, stainless steel container
● Equipped with a timer

Theta Mount Cold cold mounting press is suitable for cold mounting in both epoxy and acrylic. Thanks to the pneumatic system, the press does not need an external power supply to perfectly cure all samples. The Theta Mount Cold press was designed in such a way as to provide the operator with the greatest possible safety and comfort at work. The equipment has a quick lock and release system, as well as a water separator and quick couplers. A precise timer attached to the press increases the convenience of use and reduces the need for additional devices needed to carry out mounting. The stabilization carried out with the Theta Mount Cold press does not change the physical and chemical properties of the resin.

An additional advantage of the Theta Mount Cold cold mounting press is a very spacious mounting chamber, which allows for the stabilization of elements of various shapes and sizes.

Working pressure

2 bars

Chamber diameter

diameter 235mm x 170mm (H)


8.5 kg

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