Automatic grinder/polisher Alpha 600

● 5.6 inch touch screen with programmable interface
● Central and individual pressure
● 1-4 peristaltic pumps
● Large diameter drain hose
● Retractable water hose for easy cleaning
● Holder for 6 samples (dimensions 30, 32, 40, 50 mm)

The Alpha 600 grinder polisher is equipped with an automatic grinding and polishing system. Thanks to the automation of the grinding and polishing process, as well as the individual and central pressure function, using the Alpha 600 polisher, the highest quality effect and high repeatability are obtained. Alpha 600 was created with the convenience and comfort of work in mind, therefore, in addition to the built-in most commonly used procedures, it also has the ability to save the user’s own procedures, according to his individual needs, tailored to a given job. The device’s extensive memory allows you to set and save up to twenty common grinding and polishing procedures. The intelligent cooling fan does not allow the engine to overheat.

The Alpha 600 sander polisher has a 5.6 inch touch screen with a functional HMI as well as optional operation of the peristaltic pump system. The included retractable hose allows easy cleaning with water.


Single (no double plates)


Central (20-500N) and individual (5-100N)

Head speed

20-150 rpm

Base speed

50-750 rpm

Turning direction

In line with / against the movements of the clock

The diameter of the plates

200, 250 and 300 mm


Peristaltic pump in the amount of 1-4

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