Panel PXR Alpha 25

Aktiver Bildbereich: 253,95 mm x 317,44 mm
Unbedeckte aktive Fläche: 8,5 mm (unten & rechts)
Pixelgröße: 124 μm

Typ sensora

A-SI TFT Panel

Pixel size

124 μm, resolution: 4.03 LP/mm @ Magnification of 1

Pixel Matrix

2048 x 2560 pixels

Weld Seam Inspection

ISO17636-2 2013: CLASS A: all inspections with compensation, CLASS B: material thickness down to 1.5 –4.0 mm with compensation

Dynamic range

16 bit (65.536 grey levels)

Active area [W ×H]

253.95 mm ×317.44 mm

External dimensions [W ×H ×D]

322 mm ×355 mm ×17 mm

Uncovered active area

8.5 mm at the bottom and 8.5 mm at the right side


3.4 kg (Including battery)

Battery Life

Up to 8 hours, hot-swappable without turning off the detector

Katalog produktów NDT RTG|https://www.endo-tech.pl/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Pexraytech-Product-Catalogue-PXR-NDT-Systems_2022-04-13.pdf

Opcje konfiguracji|https://www.endo-tech.pl/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Pexraytech-Product-Configuration-Options-NDT-2021-11-08.pdf