Control Stom, Kielce, 19-22.03.2024

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Control Stom is one of the most important fairs in Poland related to the metal processing industry and production technologies. This fair is dedicated to enterprises and specialists from the metallurgical, machinery and production technology industries.
As part of the fair, which took place on March 19-22, 2024 in Kielce, representatives of various companies could present their latest achievements in the field of devices and technologies used in metal processing, quality control and measurements, including our company Endo-Tech.

The presented solutions included:
Metallography Equipment: These are tools used to analyze the structure and properties of metallic materials under a microscope. The fair featured the latest technologies for imaging and analyzing the microstructure of metals.
Measuring Endoscope: Endoscopes are tools used to penetrate hard-to-reach areas and perform inspections. Measuring endoscopes can be used for quality control in the metallurgical industry and to diagnose the technical condition of machines and devices.
Digital Radiography System: Digital radiography is an important quality control tool in the metallurgical industry. Digital radiography systems allow for quick and accurate visualization of the internal structure of metal materials, which is essential for detecting flaws and discontinuities.

During the Control Stom fair in Kielce, there were also numerous presentations, workshops and conferences, during which experts could share knowledge and experience in the field of new technologies and innovations in the metallurgical industry. The fair was an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts and exchange information between representatives of various companies and institutions related to the metallurgical industry.