UV Mount

Automatic open/close the curing chamber
– 4.3 inch touch screen,with 4 pre-set timer buttons
– Easy operation
– Low polymerization temperature.

The UVmount curing device has a very short process time. It opens up the possibility of producing transparent, materialographic standard mountings of various materials very quickly and cost-effectively.

The UVmount curing technology is an energy-saving, clean and environment-friendly technology. It does not contain solvents, has a protective effect on the ecological environment, and will not emit toxic gas and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Therefore, it is known as “green technology”.

The UVmount curing technology is a light processing technology that polymerizes liquid epoxy acrylic resin into the solid-state at high speed through UV irradiation with a certain wavelength.

Sample support table

260×200 mm

Max sample hight

50 mm

Adjustable curing time

0 – 100 min

Wavelength, type

UV Light (365 nm)

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