iXBo – Rigid Video endoscope

• 0° | 90° direction of view – rotatable
• Image and video documentation via EIOS
• Different working lengths
• Portable and stationary
• Stainless steel construction

World innovation!

Industrial borescopes were designed with a special thought in providing a product that allows work that is comfortable and convenient, as well as extremely precise. That is why our borescopes are primarily universal and the use of innovative technological solutions. Industrial borescopes can be adjusted in length and diameter, which allows you to test equipment of various dimensions – even the smallest and most delicate, without the need to disassemble.

Our industrial borescopes are perfect for the automotive industry, where they enable trouble-free, quick and accurate inspection of engines and body parts. The modern lens system installed in the borescopes guarantees high image quality without any distortions. The optical fiber adapter and the ability to adapt the light source to the individual case means that even the darkest and most inaccessible places will be precisely examined with the use of industrial borescopes.


AIT Advanced Image Sensor, 800×800 pixel

Video interface

8 PIN > iCapture PRO, HDMI PRO with monitor/touch display, HDMI ZOOM with monitor/touch display

Probes (mm)

6 mm

Probe lengths (mm)

260,350,455 and 540