Diamond suspensions

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline
  • Lubricants
  • Ready to use and powders
  • 50nm silica suspensions

The diamond suspensions that we offer are lubricants, thanks to which you can obtain the best quality of the cloth surface. We offer diamond suspensions that contain a high concentration of diamond – in the monocrystalline diamond version and in the polycrystalline diamond version, depending on the customer’s needs. Diamond suspensions are ideal for work where precise grinding and polishing of the sample is important.


Our diamond suspensions are sold as fully ready-to-use products or in powder form. Their composition has been selected in such a way as to maximize the effectiveness of polishing and lapping the finishes as much as possible.


Diamond suspensions are very stable, and the resulting suspension consistency allows for extremely easy and even distribution of the diamond on the surface of the fabric or paper.


The offered diamond suspensions were formed on the basis of water, which contributes to the improvement of the polishing structure, as well as the reduction of the time needed for thorough polishing of the sample.


MD-W Monocrystalline diamond suspension

Water-based diamond suspension, used to polish most materials.


Part No. Description Packaging

06.01.110 Monocrystalline, 0.25 μm 500 ml

06.01.120 Monocrystalline, 0.5 μm 500 ml

06.01.130 Monocrystalline 1 μm 500 ml

06.01.140 Monocrystalline, 3 μm 500 ml

06.01.150 Monocrystalline, 6 μm 500 ml

06.01.160 Monocrystalline, 9 μm 500 ml



PD-W Polycrystalline diamond suspension

The water-based diamond suspension provides a better polishing structure and faster polishing rate with the same grain.


Part No. Description Packaging

06.02.210 Polycrystalline, 0.25 μm 500 ml

02/06.220 Polycrystalline, 0.5 μm 500 ml

06.02.230 Polycrystalline 1 μm 500 ml

06.02.240 Polycrystalline, 3 μm 500 ml

02/06/250 Polycrystalline, 6 μm 500 ml

06.02.260 Polycrystalline, 9 μm 500 ml



PL-W Lubricant

The lubricant is used to improve the polishing performance of diamond suspensions, compounds, sprays and coatings. Reduces friction and extends the service life of the polishing cloths. It can be applied by hand or used with an automatic dispenser.


Part No. Description Packaging

06.09.510 Liquid 500 ml

09/06.520 Liquid 1 l



SP-D Monocrystalline diamond spray

Simple to use, comfortable, with high polishing efficiency.


Part No. Description Packaging

03/06/15 0.5 μm 350 ml

03/06/320 1 μm 350 ml

03/06/32 2.5 μm 350 ml

03/06/330 3.5 μm 350 ml

06.03.335 5 μm 350 ml

06.03.340 10 μm 350 ml



Monocrystalline diamond paste

Water based diamond paste, high polishing speed, good polished structure.


Part No. Description Packaging

06.10.030 1 μm Blue 5 g

06.10.040 3 μm Green 5 g

06.10.050 6 μm Yellow 5 g

06.10.060 9 μm Red 5 g



Polycrystalline diamond paste

Water based diamond paste, high polishing speed, good polished structure.


Part No. Description Packaging

06.10.110 1 μm Black 10 g

06.10.130 3 μm Black 10 g

06.10.160 6 μm Black 10 g

06.10.190 9 μm Black 10 g



A-OW Aluminum suspension

A water-based suspension. Used for copper, tin and other soft metals or plastics such as PCB, SMT, semiconductors.


Part No. Description Packaging

04/06/210 0.05 μm 500 ml

04/06/220 0.3 μm 500 ml

06/04/230 1 μm 500 ml



AO-P Deglomerated alumina powder for polishing

Fine alumina polishing powder, strict particle size distribution.

Mix the powder with distilled water before use.


Part No. Description Packaging

06.13.011 0.05 μm 500 g

06.13.021 0.3 μm 500 g

06.13.031 1 μm 500 g



SO T401 Colloidal silica suspension

Colloidal silica suspension with a pH of 10.5 provides the chemical-mechanical polishing effect of titanium, stainless steel etc.


Part No. Description Packaging

06.05.310 50 nm 500 ml

06.05.320 50 nm 1 l

06.05.330 50 nm 5 l



SO A439 Colloidal Silica Slurry

The colloidal suspension of silica with a pH of 10.2 ensures the chemical-mechanical polishing effect of materials such as non-ferrous metals, aluminum, PCB, etc.


Part No. Description Packaging

06.07.310 50 nm 500 ml

06.07.320 50 nm 1 l

06.07.330 50 nm 5 l

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