The iRis DVR 5 / iRis DVR X series of video endoscopes

  • A series of video endoscopes that are fully customizable according to the customer’s needs;
  • Standard diameters are 4.6 and 8 mm with lengths from 1.5 to standard 7.5 meters;
  • The possibility of deviations from the standard series – iRis 7 PRO and iRis X PRO;
  • Additional features available as an option;
  • Models in continuous production since 2012;
  • Models modified many times for the special and individual needs of customers;

The iRis DVR 5 and iRis DVR X series of video endoscopes are ideal for everyday work. The possibility of individual configuration, the selection of additional, non-standard options makes it possible to adjust the equipment to specific needs.

Modified versions of standard devices (options) are available on request.

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3.5 ”high resolution color touch screen

Operating system

Own operating system with Polish menu with the functions: image freeze, digital zoom, image rotation, image inversion, image deletion

Control, option, selection buttons


Power source

Rechargeable Li-on battery with a working time of 4 hours. Removable battery.

Recording format

Photos: jpeg, BMP with date and time stamp and free text Video: MPEG4 (.avi) with date and time stamp and free text


16x digital zoom


LED lighting located in the handle of the device or in the tip (depending on the model) with automatic intensity control

Protection class

IP67 for probe IP57 for handpiece and screen


Resistant to liquids such as water, gasoline, diesel oil, engine oil, mineral and synthetic oils, methyl and ethyl alcohol, among others

Probe working temperature

from minus 30 degrees to plus 140 degrees. Probe overheating warning system (optional)

Weight of the endoscopes

up to 2 kg (depending on diameter and length)


4 way

Camera settings

White Balance, AGC Level, Gamma Factory or User Defined


Long exposure in automatic and manual modes


Polycarbonate or rubber housing with protective caps


SDHC card slot with the capacity requested by the user


Inspection probe and tip of at least 10.2 m water column


The probe is protected against mechanical damage by an external tungsten braid

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