iRis X PRO Dual View

● Dual View system – side probe and straight ahead all in one
● Many diameters and lengths available
● EIOS operating system
● Integrated system
● 2 or 4 way articulation 360 degrees
● Probe integrated with the monitor
● 7 inch touchscreen monitor

The iRIS X PRO videoendoscope with the Dual View probe is part of the PRO series, which has become famous for its use in creating innovative solutions tailored to various needs. The iRIS X PRO video endoscope with the Dual View probe enables remote, visual inspection, which can be successfully used for almost all industrial applications. Such a wide range of possibilities is possible thanks to the unique features of the iRIS X PRO videoendoscope with the Dual View probe. Its biggest advantage is the integrated lenses - a side lens and a straight lens. This integration means that when using iRIS X PRO Dual View, you can see the same image from two different perspectives if you choose this option. Nothing prevents you from viewing the image from one perspective.

The iRIS X PRO videoendoscope with the Dual View probe has been designed for convenience and comfort of work, therefore it has the ability to rotate both the screen and the handle by 90 degrees. When creating the iRIS X PRO Dual View Videoendoscope, special attention was paid to the weight of the device, so as to implement an integrated and compact system, while not forgetting to strengthen the equipment. The final weight of the videoendoscope is 1.65 kilograms, and the videoendoscope housing itself has been reinforced with rubber shock caps.


4.0 and 6.0 mm


for 4.0 to 4 meters, for 6.0 to 7.5 meters


4 way

Image sensor

Advanced AIT image sensor

Interchangeable probes


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