iRis 7 PRO

● Many diameters and lengths available
● EIOS operating system
● Integrated system
● 2 or 4 way articulation 360 degrees
● Probe integrated with the monitor
● 7 inch touchscreen monitor

The iRIS 7 PRO video endoscope was produced as part of the Pro series, which was created with the intention of introducing compact video endoscopes with a fully integrated system into the market. The iRIS 7 PRO video endoscope probe is connected to the monitor, which allows you to observe the image recorded by the probe in high quality. This solution increases the comfort of work and gives the possibility to consciously control the probe in real time. The probes themselves can be exchanged. Due to its low weight of 1.65 kg and the built-in 90-degree rotation of the screen and handle, the iRIS 7 PRO video endoscope is extremely convenient to use and mobile. Additional strengthening of the housing with rubber "Shock-caps'' covers protect the videoendoscopes against mechanical damage.

The iRIS 7 PRO video endoscope has a basic Li-ion battery, but outside it, it is possible to connect an additional power supply. This significantly extends the operating time of the videoendoscopes and makes the worries associated with charging the equipment no longer interfering with your work. Significant advantages of the iRIS 7 PRO videoendoscopes are efficient LED diodes and the highest quality Super HAD CCD image sensor.


4.0; 6.0; 8.0 mm


for 4.0 mm up to 4 meters, for 6.0 mm up to 7.5 meters


4 way

Image sensor

High definition Super HAD CCD

Interchangeable probes


Side lens


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