IR sub-door camera

● IR sub-door camera
● Efficient IR light source
● Viewing direction switch
● Designed for Security Services
● Black and white photosensitive image sensor
● 5 ”high definition display
● Outstanding image quality

The IR sub-door camera is a camera designed especially for Security Services. The latest technological solutions used in the design of the IR under-door camera made the IR one of the best devices available on the market! The built-in switch allows you to freely change the viewing direction. The black and white, photosensitive image sensor is a unique, additional advantage of this sub-door camera. The 5 ” display provides a bright, high-contrast image of the highest quality.

The door IR camera is perfect for places that require special protection. Extremely sensitive, it records accurately and precisely the image with all details. Its adaptation to the user’s needs made it possible to freely observe various places in the camera’s rotation field.

An efficient Li-ion battery allows for up to 4 hours of operation of the IR sub-door camera, and an additional power source in the form of a 12V power supply further extends the possible IR use. Convenient interface enables intuitive control of the camera.

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