CT-2300 precision cutter

● High repeatability and ease of use
● Precise cut
● Dry or wet cutting
● Equipped with a clamping vice
● Digital speed control
● Optionally, a handle for miter cuts
● Hard anode worktable

The CT-2300 cutter has been designed to perform extremely precise and accurate cuts. The detail in making cuts, even of irregularly shaped elements, is ensured by the various clamps that the cutter is equipped with. With additional options, such as digital speed control in the range of 100-3000 rpm or the optional angle cutter holder, the CT-2300 precision cutter can cut almost any shape while maintaining a perfect cutting surface. The CT-2300 cutter is characterized by the possibility of making dry and wet cuts, in both cases maintaining a high level of repeatability. Thanks to all these functions, the CT-2300 cutter will work well with a wide variety of sample types, such as metal materials, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, crystals, ceramics, quartz glass or petrographic samples.

The CT-2300 precision cutter is easy and convenient to use. The work table is made of a hard anode, which increases its resistance to mechanical damage. The CT-2300 cutter is equipment recommended especially for research institutes.

Cutting depth

30 mm

The size of the cutting disc

150, 180, 200 or 230 mm

Shank diameter

12.7 or 25.4 mm

Feed length

110 mm

Rotation speed

100 – 3000 rpm with smooth regulation


42 kg


46x500x350 mm

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