Cold vacuum mounting machine – Theta Vacuum

● Easy to handle, for various resins
● Comes with a quiet, oil-free vacuum pump
● Large vacuum chamber for multiple samples simultaneously
● Telescopic feeder for pouring samples
● Comes with a pressure gauge
● Visible mounting process thanks to the transparent housing

The Theta Vacuum cold mounting machine is a press, which among other devices of this type is most distinguished by its extremely short and effective working time, as well as high vacuum. The variety of applications of the Theta Vacuum cold mounting press makes it possible to use it to stabilize all kinds of materials. The advantage of the Theta Vacuum press is the special possibility of mounting porous materials. Theta Vacuum was designed with the idea of creating a press, thanks to which the user will be able to obtain a bubble-free sample with the highest quality properties. This is why the Theta Vacuum mounting press allows the resin to drain into even the finest pores. The large vacuum chamber is adapted to receive many different samples at the same time, which significantly reduces the working time.

The Theta Vacuum vacuum machine has been designed to maximize and facilitate cold mounting, so you can use any type of resin when using Theta Vacuum.

Chamber capacity

9.2 liters

Chamber diameter

diameter 235mm x 170mm (H)

Mounting method

telescopic feeder

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