Automatic grinder/polisher GP-1000A / GP-2000A

  • Rotation speed of the dial on the digital display ;
  • Panel with keys
  • Adjustable sample grinding time ;
  • Quick change of grinding and polishing discs;
  • Holder for 6 samples;
  • Automatic coolant dosing system ;
  • 6 samples can be processed at the same time ;

The GP-1000A grinder and polisher is an automatic grinding-polisher, for single-disc stepless grinding. A multifunctional polishing machine with a grinding and polishing speed range of 50-1000 rpm. The device has cooling tanks to cool the sample during grinding to prevent overheating and destruction of the microstructure.

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Single GP1000A or Dual GP2000A

The diameter of the plates

200 and 250 mm (none 300 mm)

Lubricant dispensing system

1 bottle

Head speed

15-150 rpm

Base speed

50-1000 rpm

Turning direction

Clockwise / counterclockwise


Customized 0.1 – 0.4mpa

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