Automatic cutter BETA-300 PRO

● 20 preset cutting parameters
● Cutting in the X-Y-Z axis with joystick control
● Multiple cutting modes
● Push-up – sliding door design

The BETA-300 PRO automatic cutter allows for the free adaptation of various methods and techniques, thanks to which it can be used in a variety of works. It has many cutting modes, as well as the ability to perform them in the X-Y-Z axis, which the user controls with a convenient, comfortable joystick. Adjusting the settings of the BETA-300 PRO automatic cutter to an individual case is possible thanks to a convenient HMI touch screen and as many as twenty pre-set cutting parameters. The BETA-300 PRO automatic cutter was designed for the most universal use, but it shows its full potential with heavy samples. Intelligent feed regulation, which adapts to the given force, ensures an ideal cutting surface, and the automatic nature of the entire process makes it possible to obtain the highest level of repeatability.

The BETA-300 PRO automatic cutter is characterized by solidity and reliability. Among other cutters, it is distinguished by a very low level of emitted noise.

Max blade diameter

300 mm

Blade diameter min

200 mm

Max cutting depth

110 mm

Shank diameter

32 mm

Max cutting size HxD

80 × 200 mm

Z axis feed (up-down)

150 mm

Y axis feed (front - back)

220 mm

X axis feed (right - left)

100 mm

Worktable dimension

280 × 536 (636) mm

The width of the T-slot mounting

12 mm

Rotation speed

up to 3500 rpm

Control panel

7 inch touch screen

Cutting method

Smart cutting AUTO Cutting up / down in the Z axis AUTO Table feed in Y axis AUTO Pulse cutting Y-axis, Z-axis Step cutting YES

Feed speed

0.02 – 3 mm / s

Laser leveling



367 kg

Dimensions WxDxH

940x920x1450 (1860) mm

Recirculating coolant

80 liters

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